How to resolve ICE authority file update error-Ubuntu Linux

Are you using Ubuntu and found; could not update ICE authority file/ home/error, when logging in to your user account. Giving appropriate permissions to the right file will resolve the error. This trick will work in almost all new Ubuntu distributions.  Here is a step by step guide on how to do this. 

Step 1:
Login to your computer and enable the root account.
Click here to know on how to enable the Root account in Ubuntu.

Step 2:
Restart the PC

Step 3:
Login as Root: Type the user as root and select the Failsafe Desktop mode at the bottom, and enter your root password.

Step 4:
Browse the following folder
Computer > File system > Home > User
Replace User to your, user name.

Step 5:
The file ICE authority is hidden by default. To view the hidden files click the “View” menu and tick or click “Show Hidden Files” or simply press Ctrl+H in your keyboard.

Step 6:
Right click the ICE authority file and give full permissions.
Give Create and Delete files permission to Owner, Group and Others.
Don’t forget to tick the “Allow executing file as programs” Checkbox and close the window.

Step 7:
Now restart your PC and Login as usual to your account and that’s it!!!

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  1. Hi ! Thank you this saved my Life !! . Nicely Done !!