Is there an alternative solution for GPS

Glonass is the only available alternative solution for GPS the GLOBAL NAVIGATION SATELLITE SYSTEM. By using Glonass users can identify themselves and the velocity in real time from any part of the earth surface. This service is provided using a group of active satellites and currently there are twenty four satellites in operation for this purpose.  Each satellite consists of twelve primary antennas for L- band transmission. Early development was done in Soviet Union in 1976, and it is stated that the most expensive program of the Russian Federal Space Agency. The latest version of this is the Glonass-K. United States GPS and Russia’s Glonass use the same methods for data transmission and positioning. In 2011 Glonass achieved 100 percentage coverage of Russia’s territory. Join Stock Company is the main constructer for this system, formally called NPO-PM.

Russian Navigation Spacecraft Glonass K1 at CeBIT

Glonass satellites transmit two types of signals. Standard precision (SP) and High Precision (HP) further from 2008 CDMA signals are also being researched to be used with this. A combination of GPS and Glonass will lead to a fastest and accurate positioning system in the future.

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