How to auto-start chrome in incognito mode

Google chrome offers the private browsing mode which is called the incognito mode that helps you to browse the internet in hidden mode. However you will have to manually login to this mode. This can be automated as well, in such a way that you could have a shortcut icon that automatically takes you to the Incognito enabled mode right away.

Simply by adjusting the properties of the link or icon you are using to launch Chrome will do this trick. This can be either your shortcut icon on your desktop or the quick launch bar in your start menu.

1. Right-click the Chrome icon or shortcut and select Properties.

2. Select the Short- Cut TAB

3. In the target box, add a space and then “-incognito” to the end without the  
    quotes. This will look something like 

    "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" – incognito

4.  Click Apply then OK.

Shortcuts you have not edited will open, the usual mode browser. 

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