How to have a small nap at office

This article is for the night shift agents those who missed their alarm clock and wondering how to have a small nap to-night. What? Thought of borrowing your colleagues? What if he is already using it? No worries! This is where Virtualreshcomes into play and gives you an awesome list of online alarm clocks.

The Sleep FM Social Alarm Clock
The Sleep Fm Clock

This is a pretty cool straightforward online alarm clock as this has a wonderful user interface plus an awesome background. Also this online clock allows you to set an alarm by directly typing the time you want into the browser URL.


A backup alarm also can be set in case if the internet goes down.

Click here to visit their official blog.

The Funky Rooster alarm tone is specifically for the night shift geeks.

The online Video Clock

The online video alarm clock allows you to set your favorite video or a video from youtube as the wake-up sound. Setting up an alarm is pretty easy as you have to follow only the following four straightforward steps.

1.   Set the alarm time

2.   Select a video from the suggested video list or select one with the YouTube browser.

3.   Click on Test to test the Alarm

4.   Set the Alarm

The online Clock

The online alarm clock seems to be very classic, ordinary and straight forward but it offers variety of clocks for all purposes.

Here you can customize the look of the timer by changing the color and font. This allows adding your favorite mp3 as your alarm tone, but it should be hosted online. YouTube videos, and user or tag streams also can be used as alarm tones. The user interface is not that good compared to the other clocks listed here.

Anvoy Alarm clock

This is a flash powered online alarm clock which gives you a feeling of a real world alarm clock. Setting an alarm is very easy. Set the alarm time and select one of the three available tones and that’s it. This also offers the snooze option. 
This clock is recommended by VirtualResh

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